TFM 2021/22 Máster en Lingüística Aplicada al Inglés




Trabajo de Fin de Máster en Lingüística Aplicada al Inglés

Aitana Tobares González - A transitivity analysis of CLIL and EFL students’ English texts: the role of language schools in the language learning process

Marta González Romero - A comparative study of language complexity and CDFs between students from areas with different socio-economic status and bilingual modalities

Riday Abdur Rahaman - News media in the US: a contrastive study of racial representation in CNN and Fox News articles from 2020 and 2022

Sara Gavidia Cordero - Unlocking the locks of learning: an escape room in the EFL classroom to assess impact on memory retention and motivation


Trabajos de Fin de Máster


octubre 30, 2023